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World Narcosis 7"

by World Narcosis

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released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


World Narcosis Iceland

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Track Name: Brainscam
We will never be well.
Track Name: The Odder Outsider
There´s no home where there is control.
We might as well give up - stand up -
choke ourselves.
Track Name: Freedom Fighter
Have you faced your freedom yet?
Have you walked your courage to a dead end?
Remember: glory comes when left dead.
Track Name: Amputated Pilots
The end keeps us gliding,
where death wears us wet.
Cemical angels feasting on our flesh.
And for you it´s being natural.
Track Name: Dead Salesman's Blues
We were born to be hanged by scary, callous decisions.
Barbed-wired and shut down just to fit in the lines.
Systemized to forget how the real beauty of life ended.
Where a man puts a tag on men and shouts for sale!

We are for sale!
(As he shouts).
We are for sale!
(As we kowtow),
for a sale!

This city is bleeding amongst the others.
Way ahead of its death - long fucking gone to your hell.
Track Name: Waste Awaiting Rust
This is you, this is me.
A living corpse, a rotten family tree.
As the world suffers for our pride,
we hang our heroes high.
Buying ourselves into sleep;
a wasted life.
Track Name: Deathbed
This room is an unholy grave.
My flesh is dirt, my view is mould.
My ways have once again locked me in.
My days are bleeding,
empty love´s digging,
dead hearts are dripping,
forming my headstone.
Standing guard around my deathbed,
I´ll let myself in dead shadows,
before "I love you"
ever reloads our guns again.
Track Name: The End Control
We´ve forced the end to be a part of us.
We´ve bought our way into a world
where the possibilities of solution always seem impossible.
Track Name: Human Flags, Terror Waltz
Let them choke on your filth.
Let them rot in your sin.
Let them praise in your name,
oh god and your human waste.

There´s no rest from this labor of death.
Bodies swing in harmony, fighting for the coffins.
Cerements and funerals own you.
Human flags, terror waltz.